I’m really done this time

So I have finally quit adjuncting!  Even though my last gig was the best adjuncting gig that I could have had (I was paid more than any other position that I’ve held in the past 7 years, I had my own office, a real title and place in the department, etc.), I decided that it wasn’t enough. As someone who has now entered my forties, I’ve decided that it is no longer wise to continue working for peanuts regardless of the amount of enjoyment that I get from my job. It took me a while to come to this point because I just couldn’t let go of my identity as an academic. I realized that pride was the thing that was keeping me (and probably is keeping many adjuncts) in an oppressive profession. I didn’t have money, a house, children, a retirement fund, but at least I had my identity as a professor (well sort of). I needed to stop seeing myself as a victim and begin taking charge of my life. I came to the realization that if I had the ability to get a Ph.D. then I was not a victim. I had choices. My privilege as a Ph.D. afforded me to leave this profession and pursue another one.


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