I haven’t blogged for a while because I’m actually happy at my new job! I quit my old job at FRRU* after getting an offer from a different university that’s much closer to where I live. Although I’m still adjuncting for the moment, my current situation is a thousand times better… I have my own office!!! I don’t have to pay for parking! I get paid more per class! I have an official title (Assistant Adjunct Professor) and the possibility to become Associate Adjunct Professor and even a Full Adjunct Professor! My name, picture, bio and research interests are listed on the department website!!! I am invited to attend all faculty meetings! My department held a welcome lunch for me the first week of the quarter! I am teaching classes that I enjoy! My commute is 5min! My tenured and tenure track colleagues respect and appreciate me- They actually ask for my input on things! I get all the little perks that the regular faculty get such as access to the gym for a small fee and yoga classes for a reduced fee! I’ve already met and had dinner & lunch with the Dean! However, even with all this, I still need a livable wage. So this is only a temporary situation for me until I find full-time employment that’s suitable and appropriate for me. I am still actively looking for a full-time job, inside and outside of academia. But, for the moment, I’m happy! *Filthy Rich Religious University (pseudonym)


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