We Have Choices

Unlike many people in the world who are stuck in a dead-end job, we adjuncts have choices. Most of us are incredibly talented, intelligent & savvy people. We got ourselves through an excruciatingly difficult program with probably little or no support. We have Ph.D.’s for heaven’s sake! We have mastered the art of living on nothing. We are fast learners. We can surely survive a career change! So why then do we keep working for little money and little respect like helpless victims?

I, for one, am tired of the sound of my own complaints and have decided to quit. It’s been very therapeutic for me to blog about my experiences, but I don’t want to be doing this a year from now.  I’ve decided that I need to move on, make money, travel and enjoy what’s left of my youth. I am done playing this game and being a willing participant in this nonsense.  May you come to the same conclusion too!


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