Office Space

You think after working four years at a university you would at least have your own office. However, if you are an adjunct, chances are that you share a windowless, dingy office with two or three other adjuncts. You’re not given a computer or your own desk. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you get a drawer in a desk to store your belongings.

This has been my situation for sometime. Often, during my office hours, there is another instructor in my cubicle-sized office. The space is not big enough for both of us, so I conduct my meetings with my students in the commons or the hallways.

There have been times when I couldn’t find a private space to sit down and speak with my students about confidential matters such as their grades and disability accommodations. This is shameful for a wealthy private university where students are paying an arm and a leg for their tuition.

Not having my own office or even my own desk doesn’t make me feel like a professional and doesn’t motivate me to be invested in my work.


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